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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Patricia M. Kirchner

Patricia M. Kirchner ~ Chief Petty Officer, Administrative Department Head, and Fitness Supervisor ~ United States Navy On this March 7th, the eve of International Women’s Day, the Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers met with a group of visiting international women leaders at Pensacola’s City Hall. This leadership initiative was part of a tour coordinated …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Scott M. Ullom

Scott M. Ullom ~ Owner ~ M&M Hydraulic Thirty-five years of experience in servicing hydraulic and pneumatic components so they operate at peak levels has earned M & M Hydraulic a loyal customer base that stretches across the upper Midwest. This company is located in Roseville, Minnesota and lies within the Twin Cities metro area. …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Donna W. Koons

Donna W. Koons ~ Partner ~ Terrol Corporation If you happen to love sunny blue skies most of the time, then Scottsdale, Arizona surely fits that bill. As a community, it has been voted “Most Livable City” by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. This is backed up by its rankings in the top 30 places …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Tammy Cortright

Tammy Cortright ~ Owner (Two Person Business) ~ Making Sense Quality Consignment Consignment is a practice where the owner of an item places the item into the hands of another who acts as an agent of sale. It is only when the item is sold that ownership is transferred from the owner to the buyer …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Minna Miller

Minna Miller ~ Family Nurse Practicioner ~ BC Children’s Hospital A family nurse practitioner is a registered nurse that has the capabilities to serve as a primary care provider. They can conduct check ups, diagnose illnesses, prescribe medication and other therapeutic services, and order tests, functioning much like a general practice physician. Minna Miller is …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Garrett Goehring

Garrett Goehring ~ CEO ~ Amicus Products LLC As a sophomore in high school Garrett Goehring partnered with Dylan McCann to establish Amicus Products. They began this enterprise with a twofold purpose of being a profitable venture in eCommerce and to provide guidance and inspiration to future entrepreneurs. Garrett and Dylan met in the first …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Leon Davis

Leon Davis ~ Director of Strategic Accounts ~ Logistics & Environmental Solutions Corporation – LESCO The more detailed the logistics the more efficient the operation. As Director of Strategic Accounts for Logistics & Environmental Solutions Corporation – LESCO, Leon Davis utilizes his expertise in business development to determine long and short range sales strategy. Mr. …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Robert D. Budd, Ph.D.

Robert D. Budd ~ Consultant – Owner ~ Robert Budd Consultancy All substances are toxic under the right conditions, of course some things are more toxic than others and the right conditions vary in degree of specificity or broadness. A professional toxicologist can sift through the information and narrow down the poison and its amount, …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Willard M. Overgaard, Ph.D.

Willard M. Overgaard, Ph.D. ~ Professor of Public Law – Emeritus ~ Boise State University Aristotle defined Political Science as the study of the state. This area covers economics, law, sociology, history, anthropology, public administration, public policy, national politics, international relations, comparative politics, psychology, political organization, and political theory. Throughout his career Willard M. Overgaard, …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Katrina C. West

Katrina C. West ~ Artist – Owner – Teacher ~ Kats Art Murals Eons ago Aristotle was heard to have said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Not quite eons ago, but early on in the life of Katrina C. West, she discovered an …

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