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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Dr. Dotti Shelton, Ed.D.

~ Dr. Dotti Shelton, Ed.D. ~ Owner & Director ~ Pedagogical Shift ~ On undertaking the mission to provide exceptional sustainable staff development and educator training, Dr. Dotti Shelton established Pedagogical Shift. She inherently believes that the effectiveness of the teacher has the strongest factor of influence over a student’s success at learning. With decades …

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Madison Who’s Who Amity Pierce Buxton, Ph.D.

~ Amity Pierce Buxton, Ph.D. ~ Founder ~ The Straight Spouse Support Network – SSSN ~ The road of Life is filled with curves where it’s not possible to see around the corner. The action of navigating the curve and moving past it builds one’s character. Dr. Amity Pierce Buxton’s life was thrown a curve …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Carla Peavy, CLS, CLC

~ Carla Peavy ~ Showroom Manager and Sales Representative ~ Springfield Electric Supply Company ~ Let there be light, but how would do you wish the light to shine? Chandeliers, torchieres, wall sconces, and other elegant illuminants elevate the ascetic of the necessary bright. An expert in this field is Carla Peavy, and she is …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Dave W. Tebbe

~ Dave W. Tebbe ~ Agent ~ State Farm Insurance ~ Shawnee, Kansas has a demographic portrait that shows a healthy community of nearly 64,000 people with just over two-thirds of its population living with family and making a good income. David Tebbe has made a career in tailoring safety nets for his community. Mr. …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Joanna Overing, Ph.D

~ ~ ~ Joanna Overing, Ph.D. ~ Emeritus Professor ~ St. Andrews University – Department of Social Anthropology ~ St. Andrews University Department of Social Anthropology, in Scotland, is very glad to be able to call on Joanna Overing, a distinguished retired member of their staff, in her capacity as one of their Emeritus Professors. …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Hermod Brekke, Ph.D.

~ Hermod Brekke, Ph.D. ~ Consultant – Professor Emeritus ~ Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU – Department of Energy and Process Engineering ~ Norway is the biggest producer of hydropower in Europe, and it is still striving to increase its annual production by 12 percent through 2020. Dr. Hermod Brekke has twenty years …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Cecil Thompson

~ Cecil Thompson ~ Math Teacher (Retired) ~ Jane Addams High School ~ The NYC Department of Education requires high school student to earn at least 6 credits in mathematics in order to graduate, and score at least a 65 on the Math Regents exam. To meet college readiness standards they must score a 75 …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Katherine Martin

Katherine Martin ~ Senior Research Project Manager ~ Aveda Corporation The idea of connecting beauty, environment, and well-being is what brought Aveda into being. This company blooms from its roots in Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old Indian healing tradition based on the knowledge of life and the interconnectedness of all things. This system believes in …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Greta L. Martin

Greta L. Martin ~ Producer & Host ~ America the View From The Top “Good evening friends and citizens of Bayonne, and welcome to my show ‘America the View from the Top.’” This is how Greta L. Martin greets  her audience on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights via Bayonne Cablevision’s Channel 19. Ms. Martin is …

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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes David T. Ekholm

David T. Ekholm ~ CEO Owner ~ Westchester Home Management David Ekholm’s knowledge of Northern Westchester, New York, began at his birth. This area has seen him grow up, and in turn when he grew up he chose to keep this place as his home and the focus of his work. Around a decade ago, …

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