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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Dr. Ana Paula Pessoa

It’s the nature of the media and entertainment industry to be mercurial. It has to be in order to be able to effectively communicate information as it happens to a broad spectrum and number of people. In today’s tumultuous world, a professional in this industry must have innate agility and the ability to adapt at a higher measure than ever before. The more things change, the more things change again at a faster and faster pace. Dr. Ana Paula Pessoa is the Corporate Director of Strategic Resources at Infoglobo Comunicaçoes, a news agency that publishes newspapers and has an online news service located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In her position, Dr. Ana Paula Pessoa focuses her attention on the financial concerns of her company covering all aspects of supply chain and infrastructure, technology, planning and innovation. As newspapers all over the world continue to develop the exploitation of their content through digital media, there is the dual challenge facing press companies everywhere: maintaining and expanding their core, print products, while seizing all available opportunities to extend their brands, audience and revenues through the new distribution platforms. Capable of handling the developments in her industry during the current instability in the global economy, proves only exceptional individuals would be up to the tasks of Dr. Pessoa’s job.

Born and raised in Rio, as a young woman Ana Paula Machado Pessoa, spread her wings and saw the world. Her first stop was America, California more specifically, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, to be even more specific. She went to study at Stanford University, and she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Master of Arts Degree and a Ph.D. in Economics. Afterwards she went on to Benin, West Africa, Germany, and Italy. During this interval Dr. Pessoa worked for the United Nations and World Bank. After spending nearly a decade away, she came back to Brazil in 1993, at which time she began working for the Globo Organizations.

Dr. Pessoa continues to travel in her work. She is a regular speaker for the World Newspaper Congress, World Editors Forum, and Info Services Expo. This year it is held in Hyderabad, India. Dr. Pessoa is slated among the first confirmed speakers.

On arriving home from the office Dr. Pessoa’s husband Raul Trejos and their daughter, Ana Beatrix, and son, Joao Paulo, are there to meet her. In addition to spending time with her family, she fills her leisure time with power yoga and getting outside into nature, especially for a hike. She still has a love of travel, and she actively encourages it in others. She and her husband have generously established a summer internship program that sends Stanford undergraduate students to Brazil.

Dr. Ana Paula Pessoa can be found on the Madison Who’s Who Directory where she is looking forward to networking with you.

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