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Madison Who’s Who Recognizes Gabriel Jonsson

In 1996, Gabriel Jonsson received his Ph.D. in Korean studies and a degree from the East Asian Studies Program at Stockholm University. He has more than 20 years of experience lecturing at Stockholm University- Institute for Oriental Languages in Sweden. There he works in the Korean department and has visited Korea 12 times since 1984. Mr. Jonsson also gives external lectures about Korea for companies and does translations from Korean into Swedish.

Gabriel Jonsson is the author of two novels, Towards Korean Reconciliation: Sociocultural Exchanges and Cooperation and Towards a Breakthrough in inter-Korea relations. In his first novel he examines the impact that increased levels of diplomatic contact has had on inter-Korean relations and also what concrete results have been achieved and how such contact has contributed to closer relations and offer the prospect of reconciliation. Referencing German and Yemeni unification, his novel takes a look at the development of inter-Korean relations and presents and interesting view of South Korean perceptions of their neighbors. A wider political sphere of influence is also detailed in this book, with an analysis of the positions of the United States, Japan, China and Russia on Korean unity. This novel having been based primarily on Korean Language sources, provides a completely unique perspective on Korean unity. His present research project is “The Role of the Military Armistice Commission and the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission to Preserve Peace on the Korean peninsula.”

When not intensely studying and lecturing on the topic of East Asia, Gabriel Jonsson enjoys spending time with his wife and child. Being a well rounded community member, Gabriel Jonsson finds pleasure in philately, bicycling, jogging, walking and solidarity work. He can be found in the Madison Who’s Who directory exclusively and looks forward to networking with you.

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