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Madison Who's Who Member Goes International

Ms. Cinzia V. Sarni, founding Principle of Studio Legale Sarni, is being recognized by Madison Who’s Who as an outstanding representative of the sector’s exceptional talent and character. Ms. Sarni’s ceaselessly vigorous exertions have helped her to build a solid reputation, first in the Italian legal community, and eventually as a principle in her own firm.

Prior to the founding of her firm in 2006, Ms. Sarni instructed students in the vagaries of civil law and worked as a freelance consultant to varied clients.

Since its incorporation, Studio Legale Sarni, an international legal boutique with headquarters in Milan, Italy, a satellite office in Switzerland, and corporate partnerships with firms in both Brazil and Argentina, has perpetually sought to build and serve a robust client base.

Cinzia V. Sarni Expands Studio Legale Sarni

Cinzia V. Sarni recently announced a major expansion of her services from southern Europe to Germany and much of South America.

In her day to day tasks, Ms. Sarni provides oversight and manages the operations of her firm. Relying on a meticulously built team of legal professionals, she provides long-term strategic goals and guidance for her associates, pushing them to the same level of excellence she expects of herself, her firm, and her services. Diligently managing the minutia and the inner workings of Sarni, she also maintains long-term strategic control, building the future foundation of the firm with care and finesse.

As a component of that deeply personal touch, Ms. Sarni takes client relations extremely seriously. Personally meeting with, and maintaining a close business relationship alongside her clients ensures that they are fully aware that their interests are her interests. As such, she devotes herself, body and mind, to the travails of their cases. Mrs. Sarni’s preparation, research, and presentation in the steadfast defense of her clients have earned her a platinum reputation on both the international and domestic-Italian stages.

In her active private life, Ms. Sarni enjoys spending time with her family, husband Ersilio Secchi, and son Marco, and cultivating her passion for art – both collecting and painting. She also enjoys sailing, and is a member of YCCS (Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Italy).

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