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Are You Living Your Dream? – Krassimira P. Popova

Most of us probably dream about retiring from our jobs and spending time doing something that we love, but how many of us actually achieve that dream? Krassimira Popova is an example of someone who has.

On May 7, 2008 Krassimira P. Popova, a former personal assistant for the UN, has been approved for a press release announcing her publication into the Madison Who’s Who for excellence in her industry.

Ms. Popova initially received her B.S. from Pacific Western University. Now recently retired from a career providing English language instruction for diplomats and personnel of the United Nations, she focuses on her love of the arts and physical fitness: exercising body, mind and spirit. She also loves listening to music, composing poetry, and is a keen writer, having written a screenplay in English and Bulgarian.

Ms. Popova recently survived falling into the River Nile in Egypt as a result of a problem with a gangway. Her survival was no doubt thanks to her level of fitness.

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