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Who's Who in the Workforce

Who’s who in the workforce? Well, for the first time in many decades it won’t be the boomer generation.
generation y

“…by 2014 there will be nearly 63 million Generation Y employees in the workforce, while the number of baby boomers in the workplace will dip from 59 million today to fewer than 48 million, predicts human resources firm NAS Recruitment Communications, Cleveland. The number of Generation X workers in the workforce will remain about 41 million from now until 2014, the HR firm says.”

Some suggested business network tips in recruiting this generation suggests that they will be a rather persnickety group to deal with. At least their expectations contrast greatly from the retiring Boomers.

“Today’s workers are totally different individuals,” says Stacey Spencer, vice president and CIO of managed services for Uni-Data & Communications in Flushing, N.Y. “They have a different perspective on what the marketplace is and what their job is. It’s a tough thing that no one really has the answer to.” While there’s no one answer, a panel of VARs at the recent VARBusiness 500 conference discussed some of the strategies they have found to be successful.”

Here is an outline of recruiting points, follow the link to read them in full.

1. Offer generous referral bonuses…

2. Consider different geographies…

3. Keep ‘em moving.

4. Tlk 2 them…

5. Get flexible…

6. Community service…

7. Think beyond the short term..

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